General Orthopaedic Surgery with a focus on Lower Limb Surgery (Hip, Knee, Ankle & Foot)

Hip: Total hip replacement/arthroplasty, revision surgery of hip replacements

Knee: Knee arthroplasty, knee revision, meniscal repair, knee ligament reconstruction &  revision of knee reconstruction

Ankle: Ankle fusion & reconstruction

Foot: Bunion surgery, foot fusion & reconstruction.

Trauma: Dr Gray may have some capacity to assess and treat traumatic injuries. Please contact 07 5438 3500 for availability.

Paediatric & Adolescent patients: Some conditions may be able to managed privately, please contact rooms.

Complexity: Should you be worried your medical condition or surgery is complex please ask your GP if they would consider a telehealth consult in their rooms for the initial consultation. 

Work Cover: Assessment and surgery including trauma.

Consultation rooms are at Lake Kawana Specialist Centre. Call our rooms on 07 5438 3500


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